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Civil rights are a fundamental and essential entitlement for citizens of the United States of America. Unfortunately, those basic rights are often disregarded and neglected, sometimes by those who are supposed to protect us - the police. In some of the worst cases, the violations of your civil rights may have resulted in a physical injury. In those situations, you have been victimized in numerous ways, and you deserve to hold those who harmed you accountable.

At Young Law Office PLLC in Bozeman, I will dedicate myself to defending your rights. I understand that it may feel like an impossible feat to take on the police department or a school district, but I'm an experienced and passionate attorney who will tirelessly fight to seek justice for the people of Montana. If you live in Missoula, Butte, Great Falls, Billings, or any of the surrounding areas, call today to seek compensation for your injury.

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What Are Some Examples Of Civil Rights Violations?

Clients I've represented in and around Bozeman, Montana who have been victims of police brutality or misconduct include:

  • Police dog attack victim

  • Victim of excessive force resulting in permanent nerve damage

  • Police shooting victim

  • School district mishandling of bullying issues

Other civil rights issues I can assist with include:

  • Discrimination based on race, gender, disability or religion

  • Public accommodations

  • Police practices such as racial profiling and unlawful searches and seizures

  • Injuries while in jail, including failure to administer medication

When Civil Rights Violations Turn Into Personal Injury Cases

Oftentimes, civil rights crimes can result in a personal injury. If you have been hurt as a result of a civil rights violation, I can help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have sustained. I will seek justice for all you have endured, from wages lost to medical bill coverage to damages for physical injuries.

Whether you're the victim of discrimination or personal injury as a result of police brutality, I can help. Call my office in Bozeman, Montana today or email me to schedule a free initial consultation. I proudly serve those throughout the area, including clients in Missoula, Butte, Billings, and Great Falls.